The project has goals on three different levels: technology area; company value; and individual competence development. The project’s model to achieve impact in the technology area is not to create all the future technology in-house. Of course, some of the technology will be created by the project’s partners but the strongest impact of the project is to serve as a coordination platform for standardization work and policy thinking. This way of working has proved very effective in the series of CELTIC-projects that created the global G.fast broadband standard.
On company level, the project creates value through the improvement of products and services based on the project as a joint innovation platform with shared knowledge. In addition, the innovation platform gives rise to new business relations and alliances. The amassed knowledge also reduces uncertainty about business and technology decisions.
The project brings together expertise from optical networks, 4G and 5G mobile communications, Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as in-home and copper communications. The project team is experienced and participates in standards activities. As world class expertise are gathered in a single room, the knowledge frontier can be pushed forward.